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January Issue of Natural Alternatives
January 04, 2012

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

January 2012

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates







By Kevin Gianni,

One of the biggest myths about dieting and losing weight is that the only way to do it is to eat less calories.

Not exactly true.

This may be correct when you’re dealing with overeating and under-eating, but there is a gray area in between that doesn’t always follow the calorie in, calorie out model of weight loss.

The calorie in, calorie out model – meaning if you eat a calorie, you have to burn a calorie to maintain weight – has never taken into account your hormone balance and your digestive ability. If your body was a well calibrated machine and was able to digest every calorie that goes in and your hormones were always perfectly balanced then maybe this model would be most appropriate for everyone, but chances are, if you’re overweight or gaining weight, these systems are compromised. A compromised system leads to unexpected (or expected) results. In this case, if you’re interested in this article – it means you’ve gained weight and you can’t seem to get rid of it – no matter what you do.

Here’s a real world example of how this works…

A snack bar that you eat could give you great energy, but for the next guy or gal, it could cause their adrenals to fire because of the sugar and caffeine, put them in stress mode and turn on their fat storing mechanisms which would take all the extra carbohydrates they eat in a certain time frame and turn them into a bigger belly, wider hips or more bubbly butt.

So if the key to successful weight loss is not always eating less, what do you do?

In the short term (which is important to note), you can actually eat more.

Again, counter-intuitive, but when you’re trying to lose weight, you’re working on two levels – physical and emotional.

Here’s where this all comes together.

First up, you eat more because you want to ADD good foods into your diet. So if you eat pizza every day, I wouldn’t necessarily tell you to stop eating pizza right away. I’d ask you to add a salad into your day as well. Under this “law,” it is not appropriate to just eat more pizza – so I want to make that clear. This only works if the “more” that you eat is healthy.

On the physical level, adding this salad gives your body more nutrients that it needs (and likely hasn’t had for a while) to start functioning properly.

On an emotional level, adding healthy foods in – instead of taking them away – gives you a much healthier perspective on what you’re doing. I don’t know about you, but when ever someone tells me I can’t do something – I immediately make it a mission to do that thing I’m forbidden to do.

Another classic example of how removing things from your diet can be so toxic to your weight loss plans is this – say you go on a no-cookie diet for 30 days. In the days of the paper calendar, chances are you’d cross off every day of your progress – not to congratulate yourself on your success, but in hope that day 31 will come sooner so you can have that next cookie that has been haunting you from the day you started.

So don’t tape to top on the cookie jar just yet…

Add some healthy things in before you set up a military-like checkpoint around your mouth.

Basically, the concept here is to overlaying a new diet lifestyle over your old existing one.

When you do this, your physical body will start to crave the more healthy foods – because it naturally wants the nutrients it needs to function well. On an emotional level, like I said above, you start to automatically make better decisions about your food because you can and you have control, not because you’re forcing yourself to do anything.

It’s a very freeing experience. I’ve worked with clients who adopted this very specific technique (or law, if you will) and they’ve not only lost weight, but – the end goal – they’ve kept it off for years.

Also, this is a perfect way to transition into another diet as well, even if you don’t have weight to lose. So for instance, if you want to do a vegan diet, or a raw food diet or a paleo diet, or a cake diet (just kidding on that one) your best route to success is overlaying this diet over your existing one and gradually choosing more of the foods from the new diet with the others fall out of your daily routine.

You’ll find this to be a much easier way in the short term and long term to sustain – though admittedly it does take longer in the beginning to make the transition.

Please note: if you have a major health issue that requires you to change your diet, none of this applies. You must change and change fast – you’re no longer afforded the time the same way someone who would be doing this for preventative measures.

Finally, I don’t expect you to trust or believe what I’m saying here. You’re free to feel like I’m right or wrong. The only thing I ask is that if you are a little heavier than you’d like and nothing seems to be working, give this idea a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

By David:

It has been estimated that cholesterol has killed more people than all the wars and all natural disasters in history combined!

Almost all diseases have been linked either directly or indirectly to cholesterol. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases have had their origins traced directly to cholesterol.

Evidence of nutritional deficiencies due to poor and inadequate nutrition, and their links to disease is overwhelming.  In almost all cases, cholesterol is the culprit at the center of many of these diseases.  

Fortunately, there is a way to naturally lower and control cholesterol in humans. It is through a one hundred percent plant-based vegan diet. It is also fortunate that the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and mainstream, as people begin to realize the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle. More evidence is coming forth all the time about a plant-based diet and it’s health benefits to mankind.

The ability to cure, prevent, control and reverse disease is directly related to an individual’s knowledge of alternative and natural therapies and cures. The vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is gaining in popularity, because people are beginning to see the health risks associated with a high cholesterol diet.  

Natural therapies and cures are easy to get, inexpensive to buy, simple to administer, and they work far better than modern medicine’s deadly and poisonous attempts at controlling disease. It is not nearly as difficult as one might think to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating a plant-based diet.

Many people have cured themselves of even ‘incurable’ diseases like cancer, heart disease and adult onset diabetes, by changing their lifestyles and by eating a vegetarian plant-based diet.

Unfortunately western medicine has become an  industry that prohibits, bans, and even outlaws natural cures and remedies. They threaten  lawsuits, and in many cases even prison time to those who prescribe natural cures.

As a result of this, many millions of people have died and will continue to suffer and die needlessly, often at a very high financial cost, and with appalling and needless human pain and suffering.

Plant-Based Diets

Common cures are available in the form of raw and plant-based diets  and exercise for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and most other chronic and degenerative diseases. It is shameful that the knowledge of natural cures is, and always has been, supressed and deliberately kept from the general public by Big Pharma and modern medicine.

What a tragedy and travesty of justice it is to have this information deliberately withheld from the sick and dying.

Many  natural diseases have  been proven to be  caused by diets deficient in plant-based foods, that are based around the consumption of meats and are therefore high in cholesterol.

Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle and Health

The obvious answer then is to offset, reverse, prevent  and control disease with proper nutrition, lifestyle and adequate vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Eliminating, reversing and defeating disease is as simple as proper and effective diet through plant-based foods and a vegan lifestyle, coupled with a little light to moderate exercise.


Your diet plays an important role in your overall health and your skin's appearance can be affected as a result. To promote overall health, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. Foods such as nuts, berries, grapes, avocados and salmon also provide good nutrients for your body that may also help your skin's appearance.

Simply put, when skin-enhancing nutrients are ingested and absorbed into your bloodstream, they are delivered to your skin cells. Your skin needs all the nutritional help it can get because oxygen and blood carrying vital supplies of nutrients are re-routed away from your skin when you body perceives an emergency such as extreme cold or stress. When you are very cold, your blood supply is concentrated inward to maintain and support your more vulnerable organs. These organs are not able to tolerate fluctuations in their oxygen supply or temperature very well so the body prioritizes and sends the blood away from the skin to keep the “core” temperature as even and as close to normal as possible.

Your skin is the first organ to be deprived of nutrients and the last to receive them again when you are very cold or under a lot of stress. Stress is perceived by the body as an emergency and blood is diverted either towards or away from your skin, both of which are bad for your skin. Obviously, you can’t afford to consume anything less than optimal nutrition on a regular basis if you want to ensure that your skin will get through emergencies without “starving.”

There is no one diet or ingredient that will guarantee healthy skin. However, a very poor diet will lead to poor skin health: malnourishment like that seen in undeveloped countries and in anorexia leads to changes in the skin, hair and nails. A  varied diet containing antioxidants as well as important building blocks like protein and good fats. A daily multivitamin and a cup of green tea ensure vitamins and anti-oxidants. Don't overdo anything - for example salmon and tuna are  great sources of good omega fats, but too much can lead to a dangerous mercury level.   

Consuming nutrients such as: Vitamin A, E, C and Omega-3 fats may affect the moisture and elasticity of the skin.

Here are a few nutrients to make you glow:

Vitamin A: This vitamin has an essential role in the development and maintenance of the epithelial tissue –the lining of eyes and skin. One of the main functions of the epithelial tissue is to serve as a barrier to bacteria. Low levels of Vitamin A can lead to a dry, flaky complexion. Therefore, increase your intake of carrots, spinach, kale, apricots and papaya.

Vitamin E: This nutrient has been found to provide some skin protection. It is another important vitamin for the maintenance of epithelial tissue which helps promote healthy looking skin. In a recent study published in the 'Annual Review of Nutrition', researchers explained that continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays is linked to skin disorders such as sunburn and skin cancer. The risk can/may be lessened by incorporating more foods rich in Vitamin E into your daily diet. Eat more oranges, spinach and almonds.

Vitamin C: In addition to promoting a strong immune system; this water soluble vitamin has anti-aging properties according to a study recently published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition'. Vitamin C also has an important role in the synthesis of collagen, a major protein of body tissues that include the skin. Increase your intake of broccoli, green leafy vegetables, mango, watermelon and red peppers.

Omega 3 fatty acids: This healthy fat nourishes our skin and promotes skin health. It has been found to protect our skin against damage from ultra-violet rays. Research has shown that Omega 3 anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for having a protective effect against the incidence of skin cancer and aging. It protects against sunburn and helps to prevent premature aging. One of the symptoms of Omega-3 deficiency includes dry skin. Great sources of this essential fat are sardines, tuna and salmon.


Thank you for reading.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

P.S. If you have a comment or suggestion, just reply to this e-mail. Your feedback is important to me.



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