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March Issue of Natural Alternatives
March 01, 2012

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

March 2012

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates






By Jenetta Haim

With so much information on how to get healthy out there it becomes a bit of a maze as to what to do.

f you like coffee then it’s OK to drink a coffee or two provided you don’t have certain illnesses because studies show it lowers the risk of type two diabetes, can protect your liver, hinder Parkinson’s disease and gallstones. This is because of antioxidants but you need to remember that it does use up calcium in your body so don’t drink too much.

Hygiene is also very important so don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly because poorly kept teeth increase the risk of heart attack. We aren’t sure why statistics show this but they do. It is believed that bacteria from the mouth could enter the bloodstream through inflamed gums and cause small blood clots that contribute to clogged arteries. Another theory says that gum diseases cause inflammation that lead to fatty deposits in the heart.

Another bad habit to avoid is keeping pills in the bathroom – the humidity will affect them. Keep them in a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight because the sun will also damage them. If the capsules are flaking throw them out. They are damaged. Also remember to open the window because inside air can be toxic. Household products, building materials, furniture polish, air fresheners etc all add to the toxins indoors. Open the windows and doors to clear this out. Plants will also help and if you buy a TV, computer or new furniture let it air before you put it up as the new products contain toxins.

Regarding germs although it may cost a bit more remember to occasionally use hot water to do the washing. Did you know that cold water does not kill germs? This means that they can spread from one set of clothes to another, onto your hands and into your mouth. So after hanging your cold water washing up go and wash your hands! Also where was that hand bag last before you put it on the dinner table – was it on the toilet floor at the movies?

De-stress by taking time out for yoga or meditation. This will improve blood circulation and help you de-stress. Practice deep breathing for 5 minutes while on the train on the way to work. It will reduce tension, lower your blood pressure and heart beat and increase oxygen levels. Sit in a comfy chair, feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take five seconds to inhale through your nose, hold for five seconds, and then breathe out through your mouth. Do this 10 to 20 times.

Regarding our rushing to work before the sun is properly up in winter and coming home in the dark remember to soak up a little sun. Many of us are suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency and don’t even know it. Remember the warnings though about too much sun. However we have overdone it a bit and some sunlight is essential to keep serious illnesses away such as diabetes, heart disease and MS. If you always wear sunscreen and don’t go in the sun you risk that Vitamin D deficiency. You only need a few minutes a day to produce enough Vitamin D and it needs to be towards the middle of the day.

Also remember those important medical tests even if you do look after your health. Get a check-up when you need it especially if there are incidences of cancer in your family in any form. Men should also remember to check their prostrate after 50. Women need to remember the regular pap tests every two years and to get two tests done. The second is a computer test and more precise. Also bowel screening and mammograms over 50 or if there is colon cancer in the family.

If you don’t have time to exercise then remember to walk quickly. Research shows that if you walk slowly you slow down even more when you get old. However it is better to exercise daily for half an hour. If you have no time during the week then do an hour each day on the weekend. That’s at least two days a week out of the seven.

Once you have incorporated these simple tips into your lifestyle and you start to feel better you might want to look at putting a few more in. You add just one or two at a time they don’t become too overwhelming. Remember, getting healthy and staying healthy is not just a fad. It needs to be something that is part of your lifestyle.

By Alison Neish

Green juices are the best medicine we can give our bodies. Not only do they taste great (I promise, they do!) but the rewards are endless. Here are seven below:

7 Reasons to Consume Green Juice Everyday:

Ensures absorption of nutrients – Juice is easily absorbed into our bodies as it breaks down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables so that they are pre-digested already. This means that the power-packed nutrients are going directly into your system.

You will eat more greens – Juicing is a wonderful way to ensure that we are consuming our recommended servings of greens. It’s a lot easier to drink a cup of celery juice rather than crunching through a whole head of celery. Juicing also allows you to consume a wide variety of greens all at once with the addition of others you probably wouldn’t prepare to eat such as kale, cucumber, celery and parsley – especially timing it for breakfast, which is the most important time to power up for your day.

Load up the chlorophyll - Chlorophyll is what makes plants green, and is a very powerful element. Chlorophyll not only cleanses the blood of impurities, but also builds up the blood with important nutrients that help to increase our circulation so we feel more energetic.

Get your trace mineral boost – Green juice is a great way to get all of the vital minerals for vibrant health and strengthen your immune. Ensuring you get your daily essential minerals will mean that our bodies are better equipped to fight diseases and feel fabulous every day.

Release toxins and maintain enzymes – The chlorophyll helps to release stored toxins in our bodies that we need to cleanse, detoxify and renew at a cellular level. Cooking and processing of any type of vegetable destroys enzymes, so raw food, especially greens, are absolutely essential to maintain healthy enzyme levels.

Freshens breath - Not only do green juices enrich your blood with special nutrients that build iron they also cleanse and improve the health of the intestines, uterus, and lungs. It has been known to be beneficial as a natural breath freshener and body deodorizer.

Greens never tasted so good – Juicing can make greens more palatable. I like to sweeten them with an apple or carrot. Green juice is a wonderful way to make sure children are getting plenty of greens – try the Green Slime trick! I like to add a spoonful of Vital Greens powder, a high-quality, enzyme rich, complete super-food supplement which contains even more benefits of wheat-grass, spirulina and more and acts as your daily mutli-vitamin.

Get-Up and Go aka “Green Slime” Juice

Try this refreshing and invigorating juice recipe – it is an excellent way to start the day, cleansing, detoxifying and renewing your health!

1 bunch organic kale
1 cucumber
1 green apples
1 heaped teaspoon of Vital Greens powder (available from most health stores – or you could add some fresh handful of wheat grass handful of parsley)

Place ingredients through the juicer. Add ice cubes once you have finished to chill the juice. I like to serve it in a wine glass or martini glass.

About Alison Neish (blogger from the wellbeing community) Alison Neish is a food blogger who is undertaking Nutritional Medicine in Sydney and works with Wellbeing Magazine and online. Alison is passionate about helping others become aware of the food they are eating, bringing her experiences of running a catering company in Singapore that focused on healthy entertaining and her love of finding new ingredients and delicious recipes. Some of Alison's favorite foods are: avocados, dark chocolate, blueberries, brown rice sushi, fish, sweet potatoes, black bean spaghetti, buffalo mozzarella and quinoa. Alison’s Blog is updated daily at

By. Dr. Edward Group

here has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of flaxseed oil but many people don’t know exactly what it is and what it specifically does. Flax is a good source of plant omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber and other nutrients. It’s nutrient composition differs from that of other major oil seeds such as canola and sunflower. It’s important to get the facts straight to make the best choice when purchasing flaxseed oil.

  What is Flax and Flaxseed Oil?

Flaxseed oil comes from the seeds of the flax plant. According to the Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute, a flax seed is about 40% oil by weight. Of this oil, 55% of it is omega-3 fatty acid.

Flax is very unique because, traditionally, the oil hasn’t been used much. The seed, however, has been used whole, cracked, or ground into flour then used in baked products. Flax has attracted nutritionists and those seeking a healthier diet because it has a high fiber content and it is rich in potassium. Flax is often sprinkled on breakfast cereals and salads and is found in some fruit juice drinks.

After the oil is extracted from the flax seed, the “leftovers” are often fed to livestock. An interesting side note is that the use of whole flax seed as food for chickens has increased in recent years because of the omega-3 properties.

  Is Flaxseed Oil the Same as Linseed Oil?

There has been some confusion between these. Flax oil is also called linseed oil which is sold in hardware stores as varnish. Flaxseed and linseed are often used interchangeably but there is an important difference. North Americans use flaxseed to describe flax when used for human consumption and linseed to describe when it has been processed for industrial purposes.

  Importance of Omega-3

The “3″ in Omega-3 refers to the major types of fatty acids that are ingested in foods and used by our body: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Once eaten, the human body converts ALA to EPA and DHA which are more readily used by the body. Omega-3 is an important component of almost all cell membranes; therefore, sufficient amounts of these fatty acids are necessary and need to be balanced to maintain good health. A Harvard study titled, “The Preventable Causes of Death in the United States: Comparative Risk Assessment of Dietary Lifestyle and Metabolic Risk Factors” revealed that an omega-3 deficiency causes an alarming 72,000-96,000 deaths annually.

  Flaxseed Oil Benefits

According to the Flax Council of Canada, there are numerous benefits of which omega-3 is at the top of the list. ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) constitutes 57% of the total fatty acids in flax, making flax the richest source of ALA in the North American diet. Every tablespoon of flaxseed oil contains 8 grams of ALA, and this is a polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Flaxseed oil has been found to be beneficial for those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Several studies have found that this oil seems to be able to calm the inner lining of the inflamed intestines. Another benefit exists as there is a high content of mucilage in flax and this is an effective natural laxative.

Flaxseed oil is beneficial in helping to reduce high cholesterol. It’s important to keep in mind however, that this alone cannot be totally effective in reducing cholesterol levels, an overhaul of overall diet must work in conjunction with flaxseed oil.

The risk of heart disease is lower in individuals who take flaxseed oil. Evidence indicates that those who eat a lot of ALA are less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack and it reduces high blood pressure.

Some people are afflicted with Sjogren’s syndrome, which is a dryness of the eyes. Flaxseed oil helps to improve this condition.

Flaxseed oil also helps to:

~Reduce the risk of cancer.
~Aid in the growth of healthy hair and nails.
~Promote healthy skin.
~Reduce menopause symptoms.
~Play a role in burning body fat.

Taking Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is available in liquid and soft gel capsules. This oil requires special packaging because it is easily destroyed by heat, light and oxygen. Some forms of flaxseed oil may require refrigeration. There is a potential for side effects and interactions with medications or other dietary supplements. Flaxseed may slow down the rate your body absorbs oral medications or other nutrients if taken at the same time. It is highly advisable to seek the advice of a trained natural health practitioner before taking this supplement.

It’s also important to know the source of the flaxseed oil because some plants grown today are not what they appear to be. There are lot of genetically engineered plants that make their way into our homes and GE foods are not good for human consumption.

  The Verdict Is In
Natural flaxseed oil is packed with health benefits that you can’t go wrong with. A daily intake of this healthy oil offers a lot of goodness. Talk to a natural health specialist and make organic flaxseed oil a part of your daily regime. Is flaxseed oil part of your day? Let’s discuss, in the comments below!


Thank you for reading.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

P.S. If you have a comment or suggestion, just reply to this e-mail. Your feedback is important to me.



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