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Your June Issue of Natural Alternatives
June 01, 2016

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

June 2016

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates






by Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur

If you have resolved to introduce well-being into your being through food, then perhaps it is time to also gift yourself with the wisdom of spices from the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. Fortunately, Ayurveda has some simple tips that make it easy to incorporate these spices into your daily life without having to turn your pantry and your partner inside out. Ayurveda’s recommendations come from a place of ease and reassurance, and for centuries, countless people in India, and more recently, in every corner of the world, have attested to the efficacy of these spices and their medicinal, as well as miraculous benefits.

Spices that Heal and Nourish According to Ayurveda

Add a dash of moon, a pinch of sun, shake it with vigor, and stir in love.
Ayurvedic spices are natural medicines. When used in moderation, on a regular basis, in our cooking, they keep us happy and healthy. Above all, they keep our digestive fire burning brightly, so that parasites, toxins, and our food excesses get the message to burn up and go away. Spices are the key to digestion, tissue nourishment, and cleansing of the body. Food needs to be properly spiced for good digestion and metabolism. Get whole seeds, leaves, and roots (if you can) rather than powders sealed in plastic bottles and boxes. Expose them to the sun before you store them (in glass), and grind them by hand each time you use them. Whole herbs hold onto their healing properties much longer.

Sauté seed spices in oil or clarified butter to bring out their flavor and biological activity. You can add a little bit of the spices you have sautéed directly to the liquid portion of your soup or curry to bring out the water-soluble properties of the spice. Buy only small amounts of spices at a time, as they have a shelf life of less than three months.
Adding Ayurvedic spices to your daily food is a great way to prevent disease and optimize health. Here are some popular Ayurvedic spices to get you started:

Ginger Powder (Shunthi)

Add powdered dry ginger to food while cooking, or drink as a warm tea.
Benefits: Prevents loose or multiple stools, nausea, flatulence, and stomachache; enhances the digestive fire; prevents toxin and mucus build-up, colds, allergies, and hemorrhoids; and acts as a general tonic during postpartum weakness.

Coriander (Dhaniya) Seeds

Can be used to make coriander tea. Freshly ground seeds can be added while cooking, and fresh leaves can be used for garnish.
Benefits: Stimulates digestion, without causing overheating. Its regular consumption ensures proper elimination and detoxification, alleviates excessive thirst, acts as a general body tonic, prevents any burning sensation during urination, and counteracts hyperacidity.

Cumin (Zeera)

Use the whole seeds in cooking, boiling, or stir-frying, or dry roast lightly and then grind into powder. For indigestion, it can also be drunk as a warm tea.

Benefits: Cumin is added to almost every Ayurveda-inspired meal; it prevents indigestion and pain in abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, loose stool, flatulence, and even vomiting. It is also useful for irritable bowels and scanty or irregular periods.

Turmeric (Haldi)

This legendary herb is used raw as well as cooked. For obesity, swallow a small amount (1⁄4 tsp.) with warm water. For coughs and colds, boil in cow’s milk along with black pepper. Mix with water and gargle for sore throats.

Benefits: Acts as an appetizer by imparting a pleasant color to Ayurvedic food. It is antitoxic, antiseptic, and a blood and skin purifier; makes the body inhospitable to parasites; enhances complexion; and boosts immunity.

Saffron (Kesar)

Boil in milk for the common cold. Benefits: Improves appetite and digestion, enhances the quality of blood tissue and complexion, and acts as an aphrodisiac.

And that’s not all. Ayurveda’s science of foods recommends discarding one-size-fits- all diet recommendations and adapting customized diet solutions that complement your unique Ayurveda mind-body type—which can be assessed by taking quizzes in Ayurveda books or paying a visit to an Ayurvedic consultant.

Ayurvedic Diet Tips:

Incorporate all six tastes in your meals—sweet, salty, sour, astringent, bitter, and pungent—that help keep the digestive process regulated. Of course, the proportion of the different tastes depends on your unique mind- body type.

As much as possible, eat cooked foods, especially if your digestive activity is lethargic and your lifestyle sedentary. Cooked foods are easier to digest and transform into Ojas, a life-giving, disease-preventing force, quicker than raw foods that are often hard to break down.

Meals should be eaten while still warm or even hot, as the heat in the food will ignite the digestive fire and indirectly promote digestion.

Lastly, long before the world of cuisine and temperaments got divided into fast and slow, Ayurveda recommended taking adequate and attentive time for food procurement, processing, and cooking, imbuing it with our love and wholesome attention.

Ayurveda reminds us that our body is not a battleground but a field of healing potential in which the rare and potent—but mostly latent—gem of disease prevention, self- healing, and self-regeneration lies buried. It is gently unearthed by feeding ourselves love through intelligent, alive, prana-filled, seasonally attuned, organic, wholesome, adequately spiced, and well-cooked foods. It is no wonder that in Ayurveda, such life- promoting food is called God—Annam Brahma.

Acharya Shunya is an internationally renowned, Ayurvedic healer, teacher and scholar of Ayurveda.  To know more about Acharya Shunya Prachiti Mathur – visit

by Sarah Williams

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the simplest route to good health and good looks is right in front of you. Nature’s incredible superfoods are available in the aisles of any grocery store and don’t come with a hefty price tag or require a prescription.

Sometimes we can be tempted to look in the wrong places for quick fixes to beauty woes, when in reality the ingredients to healthy skin and beautiful hair should be on your plate or in your blender.  For nutrition that will go farther than just “skin deep”, start enjoying the foods discussed above to glow from within.


Feeling like life’s daily toll is taking it’s toll and is starting to show?  Stop by your local farmer’s market for a pint of blueberries and start chowing down.  These gifts of nature may be small, but they pack a powerful punch of antioxidants which have been proven to help prevent premature aging.

Blueberries are so nutritious that out of 40 different types of fruits and vegetables studied, the US Department of Agriculture labeled them as one of the best you can consume.

Sweet Potatoes

Much more nutrient dense than their cousin the white potato, sweet potatoes are filled to the brim with nutrients and antioxidants.  For years, doctors have applauded these slightly sweet gems for their ability to fight premature aging by delivering powerful nutrition which significantly improves organ function.

Beta-carotene, a coveted antioxidant found in sweet potatoes, helps protect vision and delivers a silky smooth effect to skin and hair.  Simply bake, slice, and serve with butter or coconut oil.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have received loads of hype over the past few years and for good reason.  These small, but mighty seeds are loaded with fiber, protein and omega-3’s.  One of the benefits they are most widely recognized for is their ability to reduce inflammation. Not only linked to weight gain and health woes, inflammation has been shown to cause a bloated appearance, resulting in a swollen looking face and puffy eyes.

Too much inflammation in the body can also cause skin rashes, hives and unsightly spots, so using Chia to keep your skin clear and beautiful is a must.  Chia seeds can be sprinkled on top of yogurt or cereal, blended in smoothies, or made into pudding.


Bypass the Botox and have your significant other take you out for a delicious seafood date.  Lobster, when prepared correctly, delivers a high amount of zinc which helps your hair to grow, repair skin membranes, promotes skin renewal and helps maintain collagen – all without a needle!  Lobster packs its most nutritious punch when it is boiled, but free to dip in butter and enjoy.  Getting beautiful has never been so delicious!


Often thinning hair (or a receding hairline in men), brittle nails and pale or thin skin can be linked directly to anemia or even just a mildly low iron count.  Lentils are full of protein and iron and can help repair and restore red blood cells and give your iron count the boost it needs.  Indulging in lentil soup will help give you a full bodied head of hair and preserve your skin from a pale and thinning appearance.

While helping restore beauty to your outside, lentils also help protect your heart with their nutritional delivery of vitamins and minerals that are vital for optimal heart function.


Whether making a salad for dinner or whipping up a post-workout smoothie, be sure to add handfuls of spinach to your meal.  This leafy green superfood is full of antioxidants and nutrients and overflowing with vitamins B, C, and E.

This nutritious vegetable is also full of lutein which will help keep your eyes healthy and looking clear and will help protect your skin from an early onset of wrinkles.


Who doesn’t love almonds these days?  From almond milk to almond butter, these tree nuts are often used as a substitute for everything from milk to peanut butter.  Healthier than their little Planters counterparts, almonds are praised (and consumed) for their high flavonoid and Vitamin E content.

Along with helping maintain healthy skin, the rich nutrients found in almonds help ward off free radicals and even help prevent oxidative damage which can be caused by things like smoking and environmental pollutants.

by Dr. Mercola


You’re not alone if you need a cup coffee to get you up and going in the morning. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), 61 percent of Americans drink coffee daily to lift their spirits up.

I’m not much a coffee drinker myself, as I don’t like the taste and I get my energy needed through other sources of nutrition. However, I’m not one to turn away other people from experiencing the health benefits of coffee.

What Coffee Can Do for You

Recent studies have shown that coffee beans contain phenolic acid, a type of polyphenol, which is an antioxidant found in natural plant sources. This antioxidant is found to have cancer-fighting and antidepressant properties. Apart from these benefits, it can also give you the following:

* Cleaner arteries – In a study published in the medical journal Heart, an experiment was conducted on 25,000 people who drank three to five cups of coffee regularly. The findings show that the coffee drinkers were less likely to have calcium deposits in their arteries than those who drank none or more than the controlled amount.

* Lower risk of multiple sclerosis – Published by the American Academy of Neurology, a study was conducted between the connection of coffee consumption and multiple sclerosis. The findings conclude that people who consumed four to six cups a day had lower odds of getting multiple sclerosis.

* A healthier brain – Drinking coffee is linked to the production of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. It triggers the release brain-derived neurotrophic factor, thus turning brain stem cells in to new neurons.

* Also protective against type 2 diabetes

* Lowers risk of liver cancer

Take Your Coffee Black, Organic, and in Moderation

To maximize the benefits of drinking coffee, I recommended drinking it without any sweeteners such as cream or sugar, as you’re negating its health effects. Adding sugar raises your insulin resistance, putting you at risk of chronic diseases and accelerating your body’s aging. Not only that, sugar also contributes to obesity, shaving away years from your lifespan.

Remember to Choose Organic Coffee

One important point I would like to emphasize is that you should buy certified organic coffee beans. This is because coffee is a heavily pesticide-sprayed crop, and consuming contaminated beans means you’re essentially drinking a beverage without any positive effects at all.

Aside from that, you must purchase whole beans, not ground. Whole beans stay fresh longer while retaining their nutrients.

When it comes to preparing the coffee, the type of filter is important also. Make sure that you use non-bleached filters, because bleached filters contain chlorine that may leach into the beverage during the brewing process.

Drink Coffee Moderately or Drink Decaf

Remember that consuming huge amounts of coffee everyday might not do you any good in the long run.  Drinking too much coffee may lead to anxiety and may disrupt your sleeping patterns. If you’re prone to acid reflux, avoid coffee since it is acidic and will irritate your gastrointestinal tract.

As a rule of thumb, limit yourself to four cups a day. A cup of coffee is usually considered to be around five to eight ounces, with approximately 100 mg of caffeine.

If you notice your sleeping patterns are affected by drinking coffee, but would still like get some of the benefits, drink decaffeinated coffee. However, keep in mind that decaffeinated coffee beans have 97 percent of the caffeine removed, which means they may have less protective effects. An alternative to this predicament is using Arabica beans, which have lower caffeine content than other coffee beans.

Do Not Drink Coffee If You’re Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, I strongly recommend avoiding coffee, or any form of caffeine for that matter. Your baby does not benefit from the caffeine you consume, therefore posing a potential risk to their health.

A study from Norway published by BMC Medicine has shown a relation between caffeine consumed by pregnant women and lower delivery weight. The findings show that coffee consumption increased the chances of delivering a low birth weight baby, and also affecting the gestation period. It’s a serious issue you need to consider for the sake of you and your unborn child’s health.

If you are pregnant and really must take your coffee, I strongly advise limiting your intake to two cups a day using whole, Arabica or decaf coffee beans.

Drinking Coffee: The Important Points

~Drinking coffee in moderation
~Buying certified organic coffee beans
~Brewing coffee properly using non-bleached filters
~Avoiding all caffeinated drinks for pregnant women



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Thank you for reading.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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