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July Issue Of Natural Alternatives
June 30, 2008

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

July 2008

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Nature is the Physician of all Disease ~ Hippocrates







Can magnets actually help us feel better? When I first read about this theory I was somewhat skeptical but curious. After looking into it further and trying out a few magnetic products, I was pleasantly surprised. Let me tell you a few things I found out.

Research has shown that when charged particles pass through a magnetic field, they generate a current, which produces heat, expands blood vessels, and increases blood flow. This in turn can stimulate the body to heal faster, as the movement of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells increases and unwanted waste and toxins are flushed from the system. Although the body will often heal in its own time, we can expedite natureís clock by applying a magnetic field. Through the use of magnets we can aid the cellís natural ability to heal itself by providing the optimal environment for that repair.

As described in Sherry Kahnís book, Healing Magnets, magnet therapy relieves pain, speeds healing, and appears to restore balance when our systems get out of whack. While research is still somewhat limited, a variety of studies have been done in which magnetic therapy has been helpful for conditions such as back, neck, and shoulder pain, bone fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, dental problems, depression, fatigue, female problems, fibromyalgia, foot pain (diabetic neuropathy), headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, Parkinsonísís disease, postpolio syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, soft-tissue injuries, recovery from surgery, wound healing, etc.

One particular randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted by Dr. Michael Weintraub and published in the May 5, 2003 issue of the Archives of Physical Medicine (a leading publication on rehabilitative medicine that is part of the American Medical Association family of scholarly journals) confirms that the constant wearing of static, permanent, magnetic insoles produces statistically significant reduction of neuropathic pain.

Furthermore, Dr. Weintraub concludes that magnetic therapy is comparable or superior to that observed with various conventional drugs and has the advantage of being non invasive and is also less expensive and has no side effects.

A variety of products such as insoles, sleep systems, water systems, wraps, massage balls, and pads that you can place on different parts of your body contain magnets in them and can be used to help us feel better.

Keep in mind that individuals with a pace maker or in their first trimester of pregnancy should not use magnetic products. Give magnets a try, you will likely be amazed by the difference they make in your life!

About The Author: Megan McGarry is the publisher of Magnetic Revolutionís newsletter. A monthly newsletter touching on everyday issues that effect our health and well being. Visit her site for a additional articles or for a free monthly newsletter at or
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Health is defined as a condition of physical, mental and social well- being and the absence of disease or other abnormal condition. According to some forms of traditional medicine practices, an ill condition develops because the individual has violated a course that Nature wants them to follow. Whenever, the bodyís natural rhythm is disturbed in some form, the body responds to undo the disturbance. The response of the body is in the form of symptoms that causes an illness.

One example of the symptoms appearing in response to a disturbance is when we have an infection. Fever is a typical response of the body when any part of it suffers with an infection. In reality, the body is trying to kill the infecting bacteria by raising the bodyís temperature. From a medical standpoint, fever is a symptom of infection.

The two facts that you need to know about health and illness are related to our emotions. How the emotions affect our body and mind is a not well-known area in modern medicine. However, in traditional medical practices all over the world, the role of emotions in illness and health is well known.

Fact one: When we undergo any negative or traumatic emotional experience, the body tends to Ďabsorbí or Ďlock upí the effects in a mild way. The more the person goes through traumatic experiences, the more the body becomes tense or stressed out. This weakens the immune system. The bodyís abilities to deal with any invasion by disease causing organisms is compromised. So when the illness strikes, the medicines and drugs affect the body in proportion to how much the body can help them in being effective. Some people need more medicines than others because of this reason.

Fact two: The more relaxed your body becomes, the better is the immune system. The bodyís healing system tackles the problem on its own. One does not need much medication in such a case. The relaxed body aids in the healing process. This is the reason why people who practice meditation, yoga or tai-chi do not suffer with many illnesses.

Pradeep K Chadha is a psychiatrist who specialises in helping patients with meditation and imagery using little or no medication. He is the author of The Stress Barrier-Natureís Way To Overcoming Stress published by Blackhall Publishing, Dublin. His second book- The Road To A Happy Life- is being published this year by Raider Publishing in the UK, USA and Canada.He is based in Dublin, Ireland.His website address is Article


In many cases, to clean the colon, natural methods are sought. The reason is that it does not require much time and effort and it is safe. These natural methods were popular for centuries.

It is long known that for the health of the digestive system and good health generally, the colon need to be cleansed. Over time, the food we eat usually get filed on walls throughout the gastrointestinal tract and then ultimately these harmful waste materials get reabsorbed into the bloodstream instead of being expelled from the body. Therefore regular daily (2-3 times) bowel movements are imperative for good health.

Natural colon cleansing methods can helps eliminate undesirable substances and make the body healthier.

There are many natural ways to cleanse the colon . Bentonite clay is one of them. This clay is edible, have strong power to engage and evict the waste materials present in the intestines.

The introduction of flax seed, psyllium husk or seeds into your daily diet is also recommended.

Another way is cleansing with juice diet. A juice diet is very effective way to clean the entire gastrointestinal tract. Extract the juice of the fruits and vegetables and include in your daily diet. It is well known that fresh fruit juice contains vitamins and minerals essential for your health.

Consumption of the rich extract, we keep the powerful natural fruit and plant enzymes that aid the cleansing of the colon. During a juice diet, it is also good to drink larger quantities of water to remove unwanted toxins. Whenever possible use fresh organic products.

It is also beneficial to include probiotics such as acidophilus, to restore the friendly-bacteria in the digestive system, aiding the food digestion.

Healthy oil supplements are also important such as cod liver oil, coconut oil or fish. These oils are rich in omega-3.

Herbal colon cleansing with Cascara Sagrada is recommended in a case of chronic constipation. It is gentle and safe to use.

Colon cleansing can also be done using some spices and herbs that we have around us. You can take simple holy basil, cloves, black pepper, Ĺ c. lemon juice, salt and a pinch of asafetida. Mix them all and put them in boiling water. Allow it to cool down and consume at once. Drink this for about 15-20 days and remain on fruit and vegetable juice diet.


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Livia P.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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