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February Issue of Natural Alternatives
February 02, 2010

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

February 2010

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates








A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota found that overweight people have better success in losing weight when their vitamin D levels are increased. Dr. Shalamar Sibley, the researcher who headed the study, placed 38 obese men and women on a diet program and discovered that those whose vitamin D levels were increased lost up to a half pound more than those who followed the diet plan only.

When combined with a reduced-calorie diet, it appears that supplementation with vitamin D helps to promote increased weight loss among those whose levels are low to begin with. For each nanogram per milliliter increase in vitamin D precursor in the blood, it was observed that an extra half pound loss in weight was able to be achieved while the diet plan.

A study published earlier this year in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that 75 percent or more of American teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to all sorts of serious illnesses including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Researchers in the weight loss study are unsure whether vitamin D deficiency causes obesity or if obesity causes vitamin D deficiency. Nevertheless, there is a clear connection between the two.

Vitamin D, in conjunction with calcium and sunlight, helps to properly assimilate food and regulate normal blood sugar levels. When there is a lack of calcium, oftentimes due to a vitamin D deficiency, the body increases production of synthase, a fatty acid enzyme that coverts calories into fat. Calcium deficiency can cause synthase production to increase by up to 500 percent, explaining the correlation between low levels of vitamin D and obesity.

Mainstream research has only begun to scratch the surface about the importance of vitamin D in general health maintenance. A clinical study conducted in April of 2000 revealed that patients who were bound to wheelchairs because of chronic fatigue and body weakness became mobile after just six weeks of supplementation with 50,000 IU of vitamin D per week. Other studies are showing remarkable healing from all kinds of diseases when vitamin D is brought up to proper levels.

Although current guidelines suggest daily intake somewhere between 400 and 600 IU, recent research is suggesting that this may be too low. Getting between 4,000 and 10,000 IU a day will have a much more therapeutic effect, boosting health and fending off disease. When natural sunlight is not an option, supplementation with vitamin D3 is the next best option. Source:

By Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D

Some thoughts on healing on a cold, wintry day in New York City. I hope these can be of use, and perhaps will inspire you to find guidance on healing from the inside out.

All healing is really about emotional healing. It’s literally an “inside job.” That’s why I call it healing from the inside out.

Repressed emotions can cause disease. How this disease manifests in each of us is completely individualized. Releasing emotions can heal disease. Even cancer. Even diseases that Western medicine deems incurable.

Perhaps these notions seem presumptuous, yet they have been well-documented by the investigative tools of Western science, and are also found within the tenets of global healing traditions worldwide. Details are beyond the scope of this essay, but can be found in my previous article series “The Power of the Mind.” (

Anger, fear, and sadness: These are three primary emotions that may be causes of disease. They are normal and natural feelings, and we all experience them as natural aspects of our wonderful humanness. But when these feelings remain internalized without avenues for expression and release, they can create a vibrational state in our body-mind that disrupts our natural homeostatic balance.

This imbalance can express itself in body-mind symptoms. I use the term body-mind because these symptoms can express themselves in physical symptoms or as emotional symptoms or both. When symptoms become loud enough, we may have a label for them in Western medicine—a disease.

Repressed Emotions

Where do repressed emotions come from? This depends on your worldview.

First, they may come from experiences that we’ve had in this lifetime that were traumatic. Most often, in early childhood, this occurs after we lose the wonderful state of being unselfconscious and become aware and attuned and sensitive to the experiences around us. We may have experiences that are painful emotionally, and one natural response may be to protect ourselves and internalize these emotions.

Another source of repressed emotions may be past-life experiences. If this concept is challenging, I ask you to suspend any disbelief and read on. There exists a wide body of research, conducted by reputable scientists, supporting the veracity of this phenomenon. Again, details are beyond the scope here, but please write for details if you’re interested.

Past-life experiences that were traumatic and were not healed during past incarnations may have been carried with us as we entered our present body-mind in this lifetime. Interestingly, this worldview of past lives is shared by most global healing traditions. These healing traditions accommodate and utilize the notion in their understanding and treatment of health and illness.

Dr. Muehsam is a physician, musician, and writer based in New York City. Her e-mail is:

By Stefan Aschan

Honey, yes honey. No, not your sweetheart -- the one you adore and want to spend the rest of your life with. Rather, the honey that is produced from the busy bees.

Today, if you go into any store, you will find many varieties on the shelf. Red Clover Honey, Orange Blossoms, Greek Honey, Ginger Honey, Pine Tree Honey -- the variety is endless.


Honey is a common sweetener with health benefits and is considered to be a more healthful energy food. It contains some B vitamins, Vitamin C, D and E, as well as traces of minerals. Honey is actually sterile. Germs do not really grow well in honey. As long it is raw honey. Raw honey, when applied topically, speeds the healing of tissues damaged by infection and (or) trauma.

Raw honey has been used in medicine for centuries. Russian surgeons, prior to the advent of antibiotics, applied raw honey to wounds after surgery, finding that infection was curbed and the rate of healing increased. They used raw honey to draw pus out of wounds and applied it to infected tissues, such as boils and cysts, successfully eradicating these infections.

Well, did you know that the honey in Europe is not pasteurized? Yet, in the U.S. it is. Pasteurization kills all of the enzymes that aid in the healing functions of honey. Hence, using pasteurized (cooked or heated) honey means you're using honey that has lost its natural, desirable healing properties, as mentioned above, but also in healing facial masks.

And what is creamed (whipped) honey? Honey that is processed to control crystallization. Small crystals prevent the formation of larger crystals that occur in unprocessed honey. This is accomplished by mixing 90 percent pasteurized honey with 10 percent whipped honey.

Thus, raw honey has benefits that pasteurized honey doesn't have. So, if you consume honey, the choice will be yours between raw or pasteurized honey.

For me, though, if I buy honey, it will be raw honey. And raw honey only. That, by the way, can be a great Valentine's Day gift.
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Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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