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, August Issue Of Natural Alternatives
August 01, 2006
Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

August 2006

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Nature is the Physician of all Disease ~ Hippocrates






Here are emerging trends that could reshape your world over the next 10 years. In a rapidly changing world it is hard to see the future. Most predictions are linear projections of today’s reality. Forecasts for tomorrow promise more technology, more speed and bigger structures—more of the same.

Yet history shows that change is almost never linear. The most important breakthroughs could never have been imagined a generation before. Yet, when later examined from a historical perspective, these changes made obvious sense. They were needed. The moment was right. And there are always those few brave souls who all along were talking about the new times to come.

Real change arrives in disguise—the invisible undercurrent that determines the direction of the wave. However it is possible to read the signs all around us. Some small things today will be big and influential tomorrow. The good news is that imagination—your imagination, rather than experts’ linear projections—will make the future. As the bumper sticker reads: “The best way to predict the future is to help create it.” So here are new developments already underway that could reshape the world, your world. It is up to you.

Natural Health

Healing is less about battling disease and more about cooperating with our own bodies.

Every body wants to be healthy. And given the right circumstances people can heal themselves. Relaxation heals. A change of environment heals. Prayer heals. Friends and family heal. Love heals. A sugar pill—the placebo effect—heals. This awareness follows the insights of ancient traditional medicine from all over the world—even from Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine—and will revolutionize medicine in the coming years. Medicine is not like an army fighting disease. Cancer is not a war to be won. Above all, medicine is not an industry in which profit-centred companies aggressively sell their products to customers—patients—to please investors.

Disease is not primarily something from outside that infects or invades us, but a sign that something within our systems is off balance. Instead of drugging or beaming the hostile invaders to oblivion, there are ways to collaborate with the body to support and strengthen the natural healing process. Healthy food and a change of lifestyle, for example, can lead to “miracles.” And, yes, the medicine of the future will also sometimes rely on chemicals and technological interventions that can—among many other possibilities—also support healing.

Ultimately the human body is an incredibly complex system of frequencies. Every organ, every cell, every atom has a different frequency. Health means that these natural functions are in harmonious resonance. In the case of disease, the challenge will be to restore the healthy frequencies with the help biofeedback machines and other emerging treatments. That is also how we will improve at the prevention of disease. For example: Stress, arguably the No. 1 cause of ill health, is reflected in fluctuating heart frequencies. With biofeedback systems and simple breathing techniques, we can succeed in dramatically reducing such irregularities.

As children we never wondered why a wounded knee spontaneously healed. We just knew it would. It is a natural miracle that happens time and again. We only have to get out of the way so the body can heal itself.

Source of Article


YOU KNOW HOW good you feel after a swim in the ocean? Or after a good soak in an Epsom salt bath? Pretty great, right? You might even use salt water to gargle with when you have a sore throat or need to rinse out a wound. So if we know that it works externally, why are we so afraid of it internally? Poor salt: the misunderstood seasoning.

Did you know, or would you believe, that salt can actually be good for you? Pure, natural salt, that is. I know it’s hard to imagine because advertising has us so scared of blood pressure and weight that we are so afraid of salt. And these are legitimate concerns, but stay with me and you just might learn something different.

In ancient Celtic times, salt was used to heal any number of ailments, ranging from physical to mental disturbances. So valuable that our English word "salary" is derived from the word "salt," since people were paid in salt for their labours, as it was considered as valuable as gold.

More recently, in his book Seasalt’s Hidden Powers, Jacques de Langre writes that naturally and properly sunshine-preserved sea salt is "the difference between life and death, health and illness, social sanity and planetary panic, and its elements are vital for proper body functions." That pretty much sums it up I think.

European medical professionals have retained this knowledge. They use this "mother liquor" for a large variety of issues. Sodium deficiencies have been linked to abdominal cramps, confusion, dehydration, depression, dizziness, fatigue, headache, low blood pressure, muscular weakness, poor co-ordination and seizures, to name a few. It is not surprising that it is featured in discussions concerning fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.

Pure natural sea salt contains 21 essential and 30 accessory minerals that we need for healthy living. Some sources even claim that certain brands of salt contain all of the 84 components necessary for life! Wow!

Refined salt, by comparison, contains only 0.1 to 0.5 per cent of these elements. It is essentially sodium chloride, a chemically cleaned and unnatural form of salt. Refined salt often contains potassium iodide (that is, iodized salt) to ward off iodine deficiencies. But then they top it up with sugar to balance the added iodine and as an anti-caking component. And the worst of it is salt usually contains aluminum silicate, which is toxic to the nervous system. Since your body doesn’t recognize many of the additives in regular table salt and perceives it as an invader, you must expend enormous amounts of energy in order to metabolize it. This upsets the natural hydroelectric balance and nutrient absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract, ultimately taxing the digestion and immune system.

I read an interesting comment: "Nature is still a better chemist than science." Salt is no exception. Its composition is so intricate and complex that chemists have yet to be able to create a replica. Their attempts resulted in what we use today. Let me remind you that pure, natural salt is way, way different than table salt. One of the most interesting components of unadulterated salt, apart from the sodium of course, is iodine. This trace element is crucial to your diet and is potentially the most important nutrient for proper thyroid function. The artificial-quality iodine, on the other hand, has been implicated in the growing rates of hyperthyroidism.

More significantly, it seems, hypothyroidism is plaguing our society, caused by an underproduction of the thyroid hormone. The most common side effect of hypothyroidism is chronic fatigue, intolerance to cold and altered metabolism.

You should care about your thyroid gland because it is the body’s internal thermostat. It secretes two hormones, which control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy. People with hypothyroidism have a tendency to carry excess weight, while a hyperthyroidism works the opposite way. In both cases, the person is malnourished, energy levels wane and physical capabilities take a hit.

It’s not just the iodine that is important. Your body needs sodium as an electrolyte balance with potassium for proper energy. Sodium aids in proper nutrient absorption and utilization. It is required for the proper breakdown of plant carbohydrates into usable energy. It works to regulate the amount of water in the body at a cellular level. Ratios of water to salt are crucial to regulating blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood pH levels. Salt is vital to clearing mucus, phlegm and sinus congestion. It is a natural antibiotic, antihistamine and hypnotic (sleep aid).

Even so, salt has a bad rap. I am not suggesting that everyone should suddenly start adding salt to all foods. I’m asking you to understand the difference between products that contain artificial and refined salt versus foods that contain a natural balance of sodium and potassium.

Natural sources of sodium include animal meats, seafood, sea vegetables (such as kelp and dulse) and other vegetables such as celery, artichokes, beets and carrots. But now marketing has caught on to the selling properties (rather than the healing properties) of sea salt, so you must be careful when you read labels. Even if it says "sea salt," you might be getting a refined and altered product.

The truest form of salt is organic reconstituted sea water; it’s greyish brown and clumps when the weather is humid. Your product should be labelled "unrefined, no additives" — and at any rate you should be limiting (if not omitting) packaged and processed foods.

Proper sea salt etiquette is important and perhaps too intricate to discuss here. Consult a professional or do some independent research on the best ways to use natural salts safely. But please do leave the table salt on the grocery shelves and invest in something that will not only add flavour to your food but will add to your health benefits too!

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Tara Patriquin is a certified personal trainer and a registered holistic nutritional consultant living and working in Halifax.


Thank you for reading.

Livia P.
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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