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Your May Issue of Natural Alternatives
May 01, 2018

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

May 2018
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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates





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By Rex Burress

Since days of yore, there seems to always be a “healer” of special medical abilities in the midst of a social group. The medicinal gurus have been called shaman, medicine man, doctor and physician, among many titles, even encompassing fraudulent “snake-oil salesmen” and their “healing wagons” of the 1890s. I’m not sure what you call marijuana prescribers.

The administering physicians most notably originated in the time of Greek god mythology, when the caduceus was conceived as a symbol of Hermes the Healer, and applied to physicians.

The caduceus symbol consists of two snakes twined around a staff with two wings at the top, most prominently displayed in America even though the true symbol of medicine is the “Rod of Asclepius,” a staff with one snake and no wings, more widely used in Europe.

It is theorized that the snake significance has to do with the healing-way the snake’s skin is shed in a process of renewal. The “rod” of the Rod of Asclepius represents a walking staff commonly used by early physicians in reaching their patients. The snake species has been identified as the non-poisonous Rat Snake, Elaphe longissima. So snake venom as a medicine was probably not intended in the design.

Ascelepius, son of Apollo, was a god in Greek mythology who was a wise physician, skilled in the understanding of medical applications, in a time of Hippocrates, also considered a “Father of Medicine.” The Hippocratic Oath, rules for physician applicants, is still an oath doctors take before beginning their professional medical careers.

I found it interesting that the milkweed family genus of asclepias, named from Ascelepius, contains an alleged medicinal species, Ascelepias tuberosa, said to be used as a medicine for pleurisy in ancient times, although there is no mention of that use today.

In fact it, and most of the 140 American species of milkweed, produce a white latex with some poisonous qualities, even though the monarch butterfly lays its eggs on the leaf surface for its larvae to eat the plant!

You can imagine Ascelepius’ physicians walking with a staff to treat the ailing. Transportation for medics has always been a contention, climaxed with modern emergency ambulances that cost $20,000-plus for even a couple miles to the hospital.

There you will run a gauntlet of physicians, lab testers, and nurses to the tune of $20,000 a day. Even my personal physician said “stay away from doctors!” He was joking ... I think.

I am reminded of the old country doctor in my Missouri childhood days. Dr. Duffy was known as the “emergency doctor of the countryside,” known for his big, fast, new cars as well as for his coon hounds! There were a number of times when he sped the 5 miles to our farmhouse when I was very sick — once when I was delirious with strep throat, and again when I had appendicitis. “Bring him in to the hospital and I’ll operate,” he said. No wailing of sirens in those days — ambulances were used for funerals!

Dr. Duffy was inclined to speed to your assistance, check your vitals, and after he poured some pills into an envelope, the folks would ask “how much?” After talking about coon hunting with Dad, he would glance around the room and say, “oh a dollar.” There was no medical insurance in those days, but plenty of sliding scales ... and sympathetic doctors!

I intended to include more about the discovery of medicinal plants, but alas, my space ... the end.

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.”

~ William Osler

“Snakes are sometimes perceived as evil, but they are also perceived as medicine. The caduceus is on the sides of ambulances, which means the venom can also be healing.”

~ Nicolas Cage

“Remember, the only difference between poison and medicine is dosage.”

~ Aubrey McClendon


Pecans are a good source of healthy fats, protein, minerals, and vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. They are rich in antioxidants that counter the effects of harmful free radicals. Pecans can also help lower levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and control blood sugar.

You may know the crunchy pecan as the star ingredient in that creamy pecan pie. But this buttery nut that pairs beautifully with both sweet and savory ingredients has much more to offer. Pecans are power-packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats that can do you a world of good. Here’s a detailed look at why pecans should feature more prominently in your meals. These nuts:

Are A Nutritional Powerhouse

Pecans are dense in energy as well as nutrients. They contain protein, minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. That’s a lot of goodness packed into a tiny nut! In fact, epidemiologic research has found that consuming about an ounce of pecans or other tree nuts makes a significant difference to the quality of diet of adults in the United States. Intake of nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber in particular improves.

Are Rich In Antioxidants

Pecans contain phenolic compounds like ellagic, protocatechuic, gallic, and p-hydroxybenzoic acids as well as catechins which are high in antioxidant capacity Antioxidants help counter the effects of free radicals, created through the natural process of oxidation in our bodies. An overload of free radicals can damage cells and DNA and has been implicated in various conditions like certain cancers, liver disease, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Snacking on pecans can give you a dose of beneficial antioxidants to counter these illnesses.

Can Lower Cholesterol

It is estimated that 33.5% of adults in America have high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or bad cholesterol. But you may be able to lower your cholesterol levels by adding pecans to your diet. One study compared the effects of following a heart-friendly diet recommended by the American Heart Association with a pecan-enriched diet where all the components of the heart-friendly diet were proportionately reduced by a fifth and replaced by pecans. It was found that the pecan-enriched diet lowered total and LDL cholesterol by 6.7% and 10.4%, respectively, beyond what the heart-friendly diet was able to achieve. The rich reserves of monounsaturated fat found in pecan may be responsible for this beneficial effect.

Are Good For Your Heart

Pecans can do your heart a world of good. Not only do they lower levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which can damage your heart and contribute to heart disease, but they can also reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which is a significant step in the development of heart disease. In fact, research indicates that having about 15 grams of pecans or other nuts per day can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 24%.So snack on some delicious pecans to keep your heart healthy!

Can Control Blood Sugar

Eating pecans or other tree nuts can help lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. Research indicates that people who have about half a cup of these nuts in a day have lower levels of fasting blood sugar than those who don’t. Experts suggest that this beneficial effect may be due to magnesium or unsaturated fats present in pecans. The fact that pecans replaced blood sugar-spiking carbs in the diet may also have played a part.

Help You Live A Longer, Healthier Life

All the benefits that pecans offer can actually translate into a longer and healthier life for you. One large study that looked at people over a 30-year period found various benefits of consuming pecans and other nuts. Those who had a handful of nuts daily had a 20% lower chance of dying from any cause when compared to those who didn’t. They were less likely to die from heart disease or cancer and also tended to be slimmer. So what are you waiting for? Pick up some pecans for your mid-morning snack today.

Nosh On Pecans: Different Ways To Get Them In

Chomp down a handful of pecans daily. These make a tasty and convenient snack. You can also sprinkle some on yogurt or breakfast cereal. Or how about spreading a little pecan butter on a cracker or toast? They are also a great addition to stir fries and salads and can even be used to encrust chicken or fish.


by Dr. Victor Ti

Cavemen rose early before sunrise, when the jungle air was pervaded with an abundance of fresh oxygen from the thick foliage of green canopies, shrubs and grass. Water vapour rises from the warm ocean while the cool breeze flows gently down the highlands across the natural greens, refreshing the caveman’s lungs and skin, along its way to the ocean. What a perfect environment for a joyful living and natural healing of the human body and mind.

Armed with blow pipes, jungle knives and sharp spears, cavemen walked and climbed across the terrain of hills, threaded across streams of strong current, climbed over rough and ragged rocks, and sometimes up to the tree-tops. On their return, they carried what they had successfully hunted and harvested, perhaps wild boars, deer, fruits, roots of carica, papaya, gourds and vegetables on their shoulder, back and over their head, returning happily while singing and rapping their tribal rhymes all the way home to their tribal village midst the jungle melody of chirping birds and the sonorous flute-like calling of gibbons from afar.

Perhaps they were oblivious to the bites of mosquitoes, leeches and whatever loads on their back, shoulder and head that were probably not really a burden to their strong bodies and euphoric minds.

Nevertheless, time marches on. Our environment and conditions change too quickly for our human body to adapt. Perhaps, it is time for us to reflect and do whatever we can before we crash into the depth of no return.

Our body and mind with all their genetics and intrinsic properties are meant to move on throughout our lifespan in an equilibrium that maintains our best health and quality of life. This entails us to strike a balance between working to live and living to work. More accurately, it is working to earn a good living and living to have the best health and happy life.

Without good health and a happy life, a human being will become like a machine that is set to the default mode of just earning a living. The human mode of self-maintenance and savoring the joy of living are foolishly being switched off. This is exactly what we do when we say, “I have so much work to complete and there’s no time for exercise, rest or relaxation.”

One of the greatest faults of modern times is the invention of the boxes that confine us and the chairs that glue us on to a sedentary lifestyle. The unlimited trekking in the healthy natural environment of the cavemen is drastically reduced to the infrequent and short commutations between the ‘boxes’ of human invention.

The utilization of our whole body for physical tasks is drastically limited to just sitting on a chair to perform limited digital movements over a long period of time. Is this what we call a good quality of life? Is this sort of lifestyle conducive to the development of good health and living?

Our body structure (the hardware), together with their genes (the software), is inherited from our parents in accordance with a mathematical probability of a very complex process of permutation and combination. The natural evolutionary engineering that makes small evolutionary changes to the human structure, to enable necessary adaptation to the changing environment, has enabled us to thrive right to this day. However, the unprecedented accelerated changes of ‘boxing up’, ‘gluing ourselves’ to the chair together with the digitization of most work processes over the past 50 years have not given human beings sufficient time to make the necessary adaptations to live a long, healthy and happy life.

There is a great time lag between the slow process of human evolution and the quick pace of ‘modernization’. The evolution of the human body goes at a slow snail’s pace and comprises a complex process of mutations and natural selections over many generations. Thus, our body is still very much ‘ancient’ and more suited to the caveman’s lifestyle and environment.

The maintenance of our human body structure and functions entails us to continue moving around actively and doing multiple tasks – which involves exercising every part of our body. We need to simulate the caveman’s activities in the caveman’s environment from time to time to keep ourselves fit, healthy and in good shape.

All our organs become healthier with exercise. When we work our muscle, micro-tears occur within. It builds up bigger on repair. Our bone strengthens itself with more calcium absorption when they are used repeatedly to sustain heavy loads. Our heart also strengthens when it is required to pump more and faster.

Physical activities also activate our gut, increasing its efficiency in absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste products. Our blood vessels too, are activated to supply more oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and brain. They expand to allow more and quicker blood flow. Their tendency to become blocked is also markedly reduced.

During exercise, when our skin sweats, it removes excessive salts. It also secretes the oily sebum that contains bad cholesterol and lipid. Together with the dead cells of our skin, the oily sebum is removed as detritus that we rub off during our shower.

Our brain and nerves also generate new cells and form more connections called synapses with other cells when we exercise. More brain and nerve cells with more synapses lead to better efficiency of our brain and nerve function. All the changes secondary to exercise also contribute to good health. In addition, our mind de-stresses by anchoring itself to the activities of our exercise programme, more so, in a natural environment. Happy hormones are released during exercise. Our immune system strengthens and the cancerous tendency of all cells in our body decreases with the strengthening of our immune system.

Excessive fats are burned down to generate energy. As a result the fat cells shrink. This help to correct obesity that is associated with a host of medical diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart diseases, stroke, depression and many types of cancer. With exercise, many good genes are switched on and the bad ones switched off.

Being sedentary kills. Thus, there is no other choice other than to get up and move on. Do not let the conditions of this modern era kill us. Get out of those boxes, free our fingers, eyes and mind from the small digital box that we are so hooked-on. We need to exercise our muscles and all other organs including our mind. We have no choice but to move on. Do it now, for a long, healthy and happy life. We gotta exercise because exercise is good medicine. It is the MAGIC PILL!

About the Author: Dr. Victor Ti, MD, MFAM (Malaysia), FRACGP (Australia), Dip P Dermatology (UK), Dip STDs/AIDS (Thailand), Dip. AARAM (USA), LCP of Aesthetic Med.(Malaysia) is an experienced expat specialist generalist (Family Physician) of BH Clinic, Phnom Penh. As a specialist generalist, he is skillful at diagnosing all general diseases and excluding the sinister ones. Apart from the general diseases, Dr. Victor is also known for his skill in skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, minor surgery and aesthetic medicine. He can be contacted via email Tel: 023900446 or Whatsapp: +60164122977



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