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Your April Issue of Natural Alternatives
April 01, 2019

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

April 2019

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates





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by Judy Camblor

To understand why energy healing like Reiki is useful, let’s explore how it works.
Reiki is conducted by a practitioner who has been attuned to specific healing energies. You can find practitioners or healers—as we call them—that work with Usui Shiki Ryoho and/or Karuna Reiki. Reiki is considered an energy healing modality. Simply put, Reiki is a technique used by practitioners to increase someone’s supply of life force energy. Life force energy is also known as Qi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India, or biofield energy as described by science.

Our bodies have an energy field called an aura that sends out energy frequencies, and it also absorbs energy frequencies from the outside in. This energy field and the energy centers can often get dirty or muddied from the constant transfer of energy in and out of our bodies to and from our surroundings on a daily basis. Energy, like dirt, tends to build up over time. So you may not feel dense energy immediately, but over a period of time as your chakras begin to slow down you may begin to notice a sense of heaviness or exhaustion even if you have had a good night’s sleep.

Imagine energy healing as a shower for your energy body removing stagnant energy that is blocking your aura and energy centers or chakras bringing them back into balance with all of your body’s physical and biological functions.

How can you know if you’ve absorbed heavy or dense energy, or if your aura and chakras are dirty or muddied?

You may notice feeling a bit “off,” and perhaps you won’t be able to logically explain why. It’s a good idea to check-in with yourself, and ask yourself where this “off-ness” is coming from. Is it your own reaction to attending an event or going to a place that was heavily populated; or are you experiencing “off-ness” from somewhere else in your life that you just can’t explain.

Another example is when we experience something in our daily lives that perhaps our logical mind dismisses as something normal and inconsequential which we can get over easily—such as a fight with a spouse or a disagreement with a co-worker. However, our energy body is telling us that it isn’t something inconsequential because the energy of that fight or disagreement still lingers in our energy body making us feel “off.”

Energy healing modalities like Reiki can be used to assist and complement other forms of medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for professional medical treatment. For example, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can visit an energy healer or Reiki practitioner to assist in the relief of severe nausea, sleeplessness, and overall anxiety caused by the body’s reaction to the chemotherapy. Another example is some may choose to receive and practice different types of energy healing in combination with anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications as frequently recommended by psychiatrists.

There are other healing modalities available such as crystal healing, essential oil therapy, sound, and color therapy. While each modality works differently, they can all be used together and in combination with each other or singularly depending on the needs and preference of each individual.

So let’s get technical.

With Reiki healing specifically, the practitioner acts like as a conduit for absorbing the dense energy and releases it into the atmosphere. Once the dense energy is lifted, the practitioner balances the chakras. As a result, the person receiving the energy healing will experience a lighter, clearer feeling within their energy field. But the Reiki practitioner does not do all the work. At the beginning of the session, the receiver is asked to focus on a relaxing experience throughout the energy healing process. The purpose of this is to have receiver reach a relaxed state creating an openness to receive the healing.

Reiki practitioners may opt to add other healing modalities to a Reiki session. While using additional healing modalities is not necessary to complete the process, they can simply be used in combination with Reiki to further compliment the healing and clearing process to further bring the aura and chakras into balance and alignment.

If you are interested in looking for a Reiki practitioner or other type of energy healer to assist you with energy healing, always remember that your intention plays a large part in the healing you receive. So be sure that you are open to receiving healing by trusting that this healing session will put you another step closer to achieving a mind/body balance, and it also gives the healer a “permission slip” to assist you.

Learn more about Reiki healing.


Energy Healing For Everyone:Heal With Your Mind


By Ntianu Obiora

The use of castor oil goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians, who used it to treat eye irritations and as a potent natural skincare treatment.

For centuries, at the first sign of illness, elders would immediately turn to giving their children castor oil either topically or internally to naturally boost the immune system and speed up healing.

Castor oil is a nonvolatile fatty oil that comes from the seeds of the castor bean plant which belongs to the flowering spurge family. Castor oil, also called ricinus oil, is very thick with a color that ranges from clear to amber or somewhat green. It has a mild scent and taste.

Castor is said to be one of the oldest cultivated crops. Many of castor oil’s benefits come down to its chemical composition. It’s classified as a type of triglyceride fatty acid, and almost 90 percent of its fatty acid content is a specific and rare compound called ricinoleic acid.

Castor oil is considered to be pretty unique because ricinoleic acid is not found in many other substances, plus it’s such a dense, concentrated source. It is produced by cold-pressing the castor bean seeds to extract their natural oil content.

Castor oil is somewhat of a miracle oil and has lots of health benefits including healing properties and immune system boosting effects. Here's 5 ways you can use castor oil and help your body today!

1. It is a potent, natural laxative

Perhaps one of the best-known medicinal uses for castor oil is as a natural laxative. It is known as a stimulant laxative which means that it increases the movement of the muscles that push material through the intestines, helping clear the bowels. It acts fast and relieves the uncomfortable effects of constipation.

When consumed by mouth, castor oil is broken down in the small intestine, releasing ricinoleic acid, the main fatty acid in castor oil. The ricinoleic acid is then absorbed by the intestine, stimulating a strong laxative effect.

Although castor oil is considered safe in small doses, larger amounts can cause abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea so use it sparingly and only when needed. If in doubt, talk to your doctor before using it.

2. It helps heal wounds

Applying castor oil to wounds creates a moist environment that promotes healing and prevents sores from drying out.

Castor oil stimulates tissue growth so that a barrier can be formed between the wound and the environment, decreasing the risk of infection. It also reduces dryness and cornification, the buildup of dead skin cells that can delay wound healing.

Studies have shown that those whose wounds were treated with castor oil experienced higher healing rates and shorter healing times than those treated with other methods.

3.Boosts immune system

Castor oil helps the growth of lymphocytes which are known to ward off disease-causing factors naturally. Therefore, your body stays protected from toxins, microbial, and other draining infections.

Your body stores lymphocytes in your lymphatic tissues present in the spleen, lymph nodes, and thymus glands in your small intestine.

Castor oil also has a whole host of anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that function to strengthen your immunity. With castor oil, your immune system fights off bad bacteria easier.

4. Has anti-aging properties

Castor oil aids in the production of elastin and collagen. The oil hydrates and softens your skin and is also a safe way of enhancing your skin’s elasticity which helps delay the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

5. Promotes healthy circulation

A healthy lymphatic system and proper blood flow work together. When the lymphatic system fails and there's increased fluid retention, you're more likely to have circulatory issues. This is due to the fact that the lymphatic circulatory system works directly with the cardiovascular circulatory system to keep blood and lymphatic fluid levels healthy.

Castor’s oil ability to positively affect our lymphatic systems likely means better overall circulation and a health boost to major organs like our hearts.


Ancient Chinese Remedy Heals Many Ailments


By Leian Naduma

Botox is among the most expensive skin enhancement procedures in the market today. Although it treats wrinkly skin, there are natural remedies that serve as healthy wrinkle treatments. Most of these involve ingredients that can easily be found at home while some are bad habits that you should just ignore. Here are eight of them.

Avoid Soap

Your skin has a natural barrier composed of an acid mantle. The normal pH level of a neutral acid is seven. As per Natural Living Ideas, manufactured soap contains alkaline that increases the pH scale when used regularly and affects the acid mantle. Thus, it becomes dehydrated and makes skin conditions worse. Avoiding soap helps maintain your pH level to a neutral scale and keeps your skin moisturized, thereby reducing the risks of getting wrinkles.

Essential Oils

Applying essential oils is also a natural remedy that prevents wrinkles. They heal the skin without causing irritations especially when they are diluted with argan, geranium, jojoba, lavender, pomegranate, rosemary, sandalwood and clary sage.

According to Health Line, you must first conduct a patch test to know if your skin accepts the formula. Apply a small amount on the inside of your wrist. In 24 hours, if your skin does not show signs of irritation or redness, you can use the oils to moisturize your skin and prevent wrinkles.

High-Quality Protein Diet

Protein is a component that the body uses to grow and maintain the skin’s natural glow and rigor. Its amino acids such as L-proline and L-lysine creates collagen that is responsible for the healthy structure of your skin tissues. The lack thereof makes your skin dull and slows its healing process resulting in the retention of wrinkles. Therefore, eating a high-protein diet helps strengthen collagen production in your body and makes your skin thicker. When skin is denser, it is more likely capable of protecting itself from wear and tear which is the primary cause for creases.

Banana Mask

Bananas contain natural oils and vitamins that enhance your skin’s ability to keep itself hydrated. Applying natural banana paste to your skin and letting it sit for 15 to 20 minutes keeps it healthy and reduces the risks of getting wrinkles.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains healing properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 90 days. Applying its gel on the skin regularly also increases the skin’s collagen levels.


Wrinkles appear when your skin feels stressed. A simple massage reduces stress. Firmly pressing wrinkly skin with fingers on either side and in circular strokes helps eliminate the signs of stress on your skin.

Egg Whites

The thin membrane between the egg white from the shell also increases collagen production on skin. It even makes it smoother and well-stretched. This state reduces the risks of developing wrinkled skin.

Vitamins and Minerals

Fruits such as tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli and oranges are rich in vitamin C. They are said to improve skin elasticity and prevent it from sagging. Taking 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men are the ideal daily dosage.

If you are a smoker, you would need to consume 35 mg of vitamin C every day to maximize the benefits of this wrinkle treatment.



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