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Your June Issue of Natural Alternatives
June 01, 2020

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

June 2020

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates






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By Shilpa Arora

Sixty to seventy percent of our body is made up of water and when we do not hydrate it well, it is inevitable that we will face health problems.

We are all aware of the importance of this nutrient. Yes, water is a nutrient! But a much neglected one. 60 to 70 per cent of our body is made up of water and when we do not hydrate it well, it is inevitable that we will face health problems. People often claim that they are too busy during the day to grab a glass of water. Not just that, our modern lifestyle and tastes also influence the amount of water we drink on a daily basis. My clients often say, they would usually prefer drinking something else other than water. Of course, when water is replaced with sugar laden sodas or juices, the body gets addicted to this stuff to quench thirst. You feel you have hydrated yourself, but in vain. The body gets further dehydrated leading to host of diseases.

Here are some benefits of drinking water: 

1. Begin by Drinking At Least Two Glasses of Water

As soon as you wake up, start your day with two glasses of water. If the taste begins to bore you, then spice up your bottle with a squeeze of citrus. Before you know it, that bottle will be empty and your body, happy. The custom of drinking water first thing in the morning is regarded very highly in Ayurveda and in Japanese culture. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. Ayurveda strongly encourages to drink two cups of clean lukewarm water to preserve energy throughout the day. It is very important to make sure we don't eat anything for at least thirty minutes after drinking water. This is the time the body takes to clean, energize and hydrate each cell and remove toxins.

2. Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

Warm water first thing in the morning cleans our body. It's like bathing from the inside. It helps your body digest and eliminate food efficiently. It also helps intestinal movements to fight constipation, which is a modern-day disease leading to other chronic health conditions. One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water on an empty stomach is very beneficial for high blood pressure and diabetics. Soak a teaspoon of seeds in a glass of water, allow it to stay overnight. Strain away the seeds and drink this medicinal therapeutic water for at least two to three months to control and manage blood pressure and blood sugar levels effectively.

3. Glow with Water Therapy

Since each cell in your body gets hydrated and plumped by drinking water in the morning, the effects on your skin are but natural. The improved digestive system flushes out toxins from the body. This in turn, gives you healthy and glowing skin.

4. Weight Loss Elixir

Water therapy magically melts stubborn fat. A tough dehydrated body will not burn calories efficiently. This potent drink in the morning will reboot your body and kick start weight loss. Try this innocent yet very effective treatment, with no side effects.

Caution: For those who love to drink chilled or cold water, know that this dampens one's energy and weakens the kidneys. Never drink cold water with meals as this will solidify all the oily stuff that you have consumed. Very soon, this will turn into fat and sludge in the body, creating imbalance. End your meal with a warm cup of water or as the Chinese do, with light Chinese tea. 

Lastly, no alcohol, no coffee and beverages laden with high fructose corn syrup can replace this natural miracle drink. Your water requirement should only be fulfilled by drinking water itself, infuse it with fruits if you wish to.

About the Author:Shilpa Arora ND is a renowned Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach. She has to her credit Doctorate in Natural Medicine. She is currently based in Delhi NCR region, successfully running her Nutrition Studio with individual consultations, offering life style programs supported by the most up-to-date clinical research.

By Nicola Parker, Medical Herbalist

A herb to help keep the blood flowing where it needs to go.

Now that we’re allowed to venture outside more often, I’ve upped my foraging game and started to explore the areas around me in greater detail. Having moved home 12 months ago, it’s been exciting to see what new growth has popped up during the spring. Weeds are a herbalist’s best friend, so I’ve been excited to explore the bountiful hedgerow herbs that appear during spring and summer.

One herb I’ve been unable to find yet is yarrow, so in my frustration, I decided that I’d write about it instead. Yarrow is a beautiful herb that grows wild across Britain. It has clusters of tiny white flowers that branch from the main stem in an umbrella type shape.

These white umbrellas look similar to the flowers of poison hemlock, so if you’re inclined to gathering your own herbs instead of buying them, be careful with this one.

I use yarrow in my clinic, mostly for digestive disorders or for anything to do with bleeding. While training, I was taught that yarrow was an excellent ‘blood herb’, as it helps keep the blood where it’s supposed to be. This sounded a little strange to me at the time, until my teacher went into detail about how it helps with all disorders involving blood vessels and bleeding.

Traditionally, yarrow was used as a styptic, to heal wounds and prevent bleeding. This is probably due to its astringent properties that help tighten up small breaks in blood vessels. It has been given the name woundwort, nosebleed and bloodwort during the age it was used to pack wounds.

These days, I don’t find we have much need for field medicine of this kind, as most people will have a first aid kit handy or take a trip to A&E for deeper cuts. Instead, I use yarrow for disorders that involve bleeding on the inside of the body.

A prime example of this would be bowel inflammation that can cause bloody stool. Now if you find blood in your stool you should visit your doctor before consulting a herbalist, but in my practice I find that this can be quite common. Conditions like diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease and hemorrhoids can all cause bleeding. Taking yarrow by mouth is a bit like using a bandage on the inside of the body.

The astringent action helps to reduce inflammation that can lead to diarrhea and/or bleeding. My most popular use for yarrow includes recovery from bowel surgery. Some years ago, I recommended it to a friends husband who was having a lot of trouble leaving the house after surgery on his bowel. The urge to go would come over him so suddenly, that he didn’t dare be too far away from anywhere without a bathroom.

Yarrow improved the comfort of his recovery significantly. Not only did it help stop some of the pain that was occurring in his abdomen, but it also gave him much more control over his toilet trips.

Since yarrow also helps to strengthen blood vessels, I use it to reduce the size and appearance of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. When the blood vessels are weakened, they can become swollen and start to bulge. In the case of hemorrhoids, this can lead to damage which may cause bleeding and discomfort. Unlike its action on the bowel, which is immediate and direct, just like a bandage application, yarrow works slowly on blood vessels.

It takes time to strengthen something that has weakened over time. My most recent success was as 50 per cent in hemorrhoid size over a period of three months. This is a significant improvement, but it has required some patience.

Heavy periods, nose bleeds, regular bruising (which involves bleeding beneath the skin) are all conditions that I think of when I think about yarrow. It can also help to bring on sweating, making it helpful for colds, flu and feverish conditions.

Yarrow can be taken as a liquid medicine, brewed as a tea or made into a salve to treat minor cuts and wounds. For bleeds and inflammation, it works as a perfect companion to modern medicine.
For more information, contact Nicola at her clinic on 01524 413733.

By Madisyn Taylor

To co-create, we must first begin with a foundation of mutual respect.

Gardens offer us a perfect opportunity to reconnect to our true selves and remember our place in the natural world. Rather than approach our gardens as mere investments of energy, we can look at the entire process of gardening, from planting seeds to harvesting food, as a way of deepening our conscious relationship with the creative force of the universe. If we are willing to shift our intention from dominating, or at least directing nature, to co-creating with nature instead, we may discover a deep peace and renewed sense of wonder.

To co-create we must first begin with a foundation of mutual respect. As you create your garden in partnership with nature, you can respect the earth, water, insects and animals by using organic seeds, soil and fertilizers. You can also communicate with the plants, insects and elements involved in your garden, and create a regular practice of stillness to listen for any messages they may have for you. When it comes time for harvesting fresh vegetables or picking beautiful blooms, you might even ask permission first. If you ask with an open heart, you will always receive an answer.

Imagine what it would be like to surrender certain aspects of your human world to the precision and surety of the natural environment. You might decide, for example, to forego your calendar and plant in rhythm with the cycles of the moon. Or, you might choose to ignore clock time and water your garden when the sun hits a certain position in the sky. By opening your garden experience to more of nature's input, you can become available to witness a whole universe of miracles, while engendering a greater sense of honor between the two worlds.

When we recognize ourselves as allies, co-creators, with the earth and the natural world, our relationship to our environment begins to change. We no longer feel the need to control the circumstances around us and can relish in the perfection of all that is.


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