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Your December Issue of Natural Alternatives
November 30, 2022

Natural Alternatives for Your Total Health

December 2022

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~Hippocrates








By Elizabeth Reninger

Central to Taoist worldview and practice is qi (chi). Literally, the word qi means "breath," 'air" or "gas, but figuratively, qi is life-force—that which animates the forms of the world. It is the vibratory nature of phenomena—the flow and tremoring that is happening continuously at molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels. 

This principle of a driving life force is, of course, common to many cultures and religious traditions. In Japan it is called “ki,” and in India, “prana” or “shakti.” The ancient Egyptians referred to it as “ka” and the ancient Greeks as “pneuma.” For Native Americans it is the “Great Spirit” and for Christians, the “Holy Spirit.” In Africa, it’s known as “ashe” and in Hawaii as “ha” or “mana.”

In China, the understanding of qi is inherent in the very language. For instance, the literal translation of the Chinese character meaning “health” is “original qi.” The literal translation of the character for “vitality” is “high-quality qi.” The literal translation of the character meaning “friendly” is “peaceful qi."

Many Different Kinds of Qi

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine and qigong have identified many different kinds of qi. Within the human body there is the qi that we’re born with, called Yuan qi or ancestral qi. The qi that we absorb during our lives from food, water, air and qigong practice is called Hou tain qi or post-natal qi. The qi that flows at the surface of the body, as a protective sheathe, is called Wei qi or protective qi. Each internal organ also has its own qi/life-force, e.g. spleen-qi, lung-qi, kidney-qi. According to Taoist cosmology, the two most fundamental forms of qi are Yin-qi and Yang-qi—the primordial feminine and masculine energies. Many qigong practices utilize heaven qi and earth qi, as well as the qi that emanates specifically from trees, flowers, lakes, and mountains.

Balanced and Free-Flowing Qi = Health

The fundamental insight of qigong and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine) is that balanced and free-flowing qi results in health; while stagnant or imbalanced qi leads to disease. This is true not only at the level of the human body, but also in terms of natural landscapes—mountains, rivers, forests—and man-made structures—houses, office buildings, and parks.

In the same way that an acupuncturist diagnoses energetic imbalances, and works to re-establish free-flowing qi in the human body, so does the practitioner of Feng Shui perceive energetic imbalances in natural or man-made landscapes, and then apply various techniques to remedy those imbalances. In both cases, the goal is to establish a more open flow of energy in the particular internal or external environment. 

We can understand Taoist ceremony, also, as being a form of qigong or Feng Shui, since specific actions and arrangements of ritual objects are used to invoke the flow of sacred energy. Like a powerful acupuncture treatment, the successful ritual opens a portal between the human realm and the realms of the spirits, deities, and immortals.

Feeling the Qi

The capacity to perceive the flow of qi directly—to actually see or feel it—is something that can be cultivated through training in qigong or acupuncture. Like any skill, some people are better at it than others. For some it seems to come “naturally,” for others it’s more of a challenge. Even if it’s not consciously cultivated or acknowledged, most of us can tell the difference between someone who has “great energy” and someone from whom we feel a “bad vibe.” And most of us are able to notice, when we enter a room, whether the atmosphere seems relaxed and uplifted, or tense and heavy. To the extent that we notice such things, we are perceiving the level of qi.

Although we are typically in the habit of perceiving our world in terms of solid shapes and forms, Taoism teaches that we can train ourselves to perceive in other ways, and a good place to start is with our own human body. Though we may now experience our body as being rather solid, at a molecular level it is comprised mostly of water—a very fluid substance! And at an atomic level, it is 99.99% space—a vast (and infinitely intelligent) emptiness.

As we practice qigong and Inner Alchemy, we cultivate the capacity to perceive at all of these different levels—to feel ourselves and our world as fluid and spacious, as well as being filled with apparently-solid forms. As we become more adept at this skill, we become directly aware of the vibratory nature of all-that-is. Not only do we experience our bodies as being comprised of patterns and flows of qi, but also come to understand that “emotions” and “thoughts” are also forms of energy. These insights give rise then to the potential for newly-powerful and deliciously-creative action within this tremoring, vibratory world.

Modern technology is thought to create significant interference with the natural flow of qi due to the prevalence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) created by high-tension electrical power lines, microwaves, wi-fi signals and other atmospheric force-fields. Development of technological corrections for EMF radiation, such as EarthCalm EMF Protection - For A Healthy Home & Balanced Body-Mind, may offer some protection to assist the normal flow of qi. Some experts highly recommend various EarthCalm devices or other means of EMF protection as a shield against this electromagnetic "smog." Those who practice Taoist yoga, meditation, qigong and martial arts, as well as those with particular sensitivities, may well want to consider such protections. 

Reninger, Elizabeth. "Qi (Chi): The Taoist Principle of Life Force." Learn Religions, Sep. 4, 2021,




Written by: GreenedInfo Research Group
This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2022

Support your body's natural wound healing potential with potent compounds like honey, aloe vera and curcumin. Even tasty fruits like kiwi contain special enzymes to support the wound healing process.

The natural biological process that occurs in your body to heal a wound is as incredible as it is complex. Four precise phases -- hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling -- must occur in the proper sequence and with the correct timing for the wound to heal successfully, and because many factors may interfere with this process, impaired wound healing is common.

During hemostasis, blood vessels are constricted and platelets aggregated to stop bleeding. The inflammatory stage follows, which includes an influx of inflammatory cells that release mediators and cytokines to trigger the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), blood clotting and re-epithelialization (formation of new epithelium), which continues into the proliferative phase.

This can last for several weeks and includes the formation of granulation tissue, a key part of wound healing. The last phase, remodeling, begins about three weeks after the initial wound and may last up to one year while the wound fully heals -- assuming the process works as it should. The reality is that many factors affect wound healing.

Age, stress, smoking, nutrition, alcohol intake, medications and health conditions like diabetes and obesity may interfere with the wound healing process, and it's estimated that nearly 2.5% of the U.S. population has chronic wounds that won't heal. Underlying health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease are associated with chronic nonhealing wounds; in these cases, addressing the health issue will help to resolve the wound. However, there are many natural compounds that also lend support to wound healing, some of which you may have in your home right now.

Nature's Top Wound Healers

1. Honey
Honey, a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, lowers prostaglandin levels while elevating nitric oxide end products, processes that help explain honey's wound-healing powers. In a study of critically ill children with pressure injuries, those treated with Manuka honey were 1.9 times more likely to have their wound completely healed than those who received only standard care.

Those treated with honey also had a shorter time to complete healing -- seven days for the honey group versus nine days for standard care -- with no allergic reactions or secondary bacterial infections noted.

2. Aloe Vera
With anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, antibacterial and antifungal properties, aloe vera's role in wound healing is well established. The aloe compound aloesin affects the inflammation, proliferation and remodeling wound healing phases and accelerated wound closure rates in animal studies. Aloe vera gel was also effective for treating diabetic ulcers and has positive effects on cesarean wound healing.

When researchers tried a mixture of aloe vera gel and aloe vera flower, it also had significant synergistic wound healing effects. Even taking aloe vera orally led to accelerated wound healing compared to no treatment in a study on rats.

3. Kiwi
Kiwi fruit has antibacterial pro-angiogenic (blood vessel forming) properties, along with proteolytic enzymes. In a pilot study of 37 people with neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers, treatment with kiwi extract twice daily for 21 days led to significantly higher amounts of collagen and granulation tissues compared to the control group.

Actinidin -- protein-dissolving enzymes found in kiwi -- were also found to improve "different aspects of the wound healing process." Similar benefits of kiwi extract were found among people with bedsores,while kiwi wound dressings for 10 days also led to better healing than normal saline irrigation for cutaneous wounds.

4. Curcumin
Curcumin, an active compound in the spice turmeric, reduces inflammation, protects against oxidative stress and modulates phase II detoxification enzymes. It's believed that curcumin has skin regeneration and wound healing potential, with topical application accelerating wound healing compared to the control group in an animal study.

Turmeric gel extract also leads to faster wound healing when applied topically. At home, you can try a paste made from fresh turmeric as a natural wound treatment.

5. L-Arginine
L-arginine, also known as simply arginine, is an amino acid that your body uses to help produce proteins. In your body, arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which helps widen blood vessels, and arginine supplementation has been found to improve blood flow to the limbs in humans as well as stimulate the release of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, which promote wound healing.

In addition to supporting healing of cutaneous wounds, arginine may also improve the healing of fractures and impaired wounds caused by diabetes or those due to hemorrhage and trauma. One study also revealed that the wound-healing benefits of arginine may be further boosted by simultaneous consumption of omega-3 fats.

Beyond dietary and supplement measures, you can support wound healing further by engaging in healthy activities like exercise, getting quality sleep each night and reducing stress. Even engaging in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program may be beneficial for wound healing, showing that you can best promote your body's healing potential via methods that support your overall physical and mental health.

About: The GMI Research Group (GMIRG) is dedicated to investigating the most important health and environmental issues of the day.  Special emphasis will be placed on environmental health.  Our focused and deep research will explore the many ways in which the present condition of the human body directly reflects the true state of the ambient environment.


Our world has changed dramatically over the last few years.

We are surrounded by invisible frequencies that power the features in our cellphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices, offering us unprecedented access and convenience. Society celebrates this progress…

But at what cost?

There is strong evidence that too many of us are paying with our health for the convenience that new technology like 5G and connected devices offer us.

Documented symptoms include brain fog, migraines, compromised immune systems, fertility issues, and even cancer. Now with 5G and other more advanced technologies, EMF frequencies are getting stronger and more pervasive throughout the world.

Yet, according to Doctor of Oriental Medicine Melanie Smith, you can take advantage of all these modern conveniences and learn to stay safe without fear — by keeping your biofield protected from this relentless electromagnetic onslaught.

On Saturday, December 17, Dr. Melanie will empower you by sharing practical and effective energy exercises that can defend you against EMFs by developing your powerful energetic resiliency.

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While this proliferation of EMFs can negatively impact our biofield, the key to living in harmony with our constantly evolving technology is our ability to adapt as the world around us rapidly changes.

Dr. Melanie will share what EMFs actually are and offer critical information that can help you move from fear and anxiety to empowerment and freedom by implementing effective and proven energetic self-care methods to protect your emotional and physical health.   You can RSVP for free here.

In Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G: What’s Coming & How to Protect Your Biofield as EMFs Get Stronger & More Pervasive with Dr. Melanie Smith…

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Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G: What’s Coming & How to Protect Your Biofield as EMFs Get Stronger & More Pervasive: On Saturday, December 17, Dr. Melanie will empower you by sharing practical and effective energy exercises that can defend you against EMFs by developing your powerful energetic resiliency.

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The Hidden Key to Receiving Accurate Higher Guidance & Clear Intuition: Open the Lesser-Known Alta Major Chakra to Enhance Your Health & Improve Your Life

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