Calory Intake Calculation

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In order not to slow down you metabolism, calculate your minimum calorie intake per day.

Make sure that your diet contains at least 10 calories per pound of your ideal body weight.

1) Ideal Weight x 10 calories = Calories

120 X 10 calories = 1200 calories
150 x 10 calories = 1500 calories
180 x 10 calories = 1800 calories

If you want to weigh 120 pounds, your daily menu should contain at least 1200 calories.

2) Depending on your activity level, here is an another formula to determine your daily calorie intake:

Ideal weight x Activity level = Calories needed daily

Activity level Calories needed per Pound per Day

Couch potato 11
Moderate activity (exercise 2-3 times/week) 13
Active (exercise 4-5 times/week) 15
Very active (exercise 6-7 times/week) 18

If your target weight is for example 190 pounds and you are an active individual, your needed daily calories will be:

190 x 15 = 2,850

Keep in mind that when you first begin your new way of eating, it is highly likely that your urge to eat carbohydrates will be greater than usual. This is because your body is used to ingesting more carbohydrates, and it is now experiencing a type of withdrawal. Give in to your craving, but just a little bit. One bite of chocolate before a woman's menstrual period can sometimes cure the craving for sweets. The entire bar does not always have to be eaten.

Likewise, a few salted pretzels can often cure one's desire for salty snacks. Missing meals or not consuming enough calories often causes a craving for carbohydrates. Try not to skip meals. If you do, your craving for carbohydrates will go through the roof, and you will stuff yourself silly.

By denying yourself your favorite foods, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. You do not want to go on a wild eating binge, but you do want to reward yourself now and again.

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