Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Fashion comes and goes, and is easy to improvise on, but you’re stuck with your nails, your hair, your teeth and your skin for life. Particularly your skin.

Winning the battle of the skin will be the factor which will determine how well a woman battles the years and at the end of the day, your beauty depends so very much on the body’s largest organ.

Sometimes, your beauty is not only skin deep, it is right there in your kitchen. Those food and natural items that make your mouth to water also contain various properties that not only do your skin a world of good, but also do so without the negative side effects often associated with chemical based skin products. What do you want from your skin? Natural beauty, naturally.


Honey is known as the food with does not get spoilt no matter how long it is left lingering. Leave a jar of honey open in an open place, and sugar ants will avoid it, because honey is no sugar, and where most of the sugar we come in contact with today are chemical processed and bad for you, honey is the very opposite. Already, honey exists in a variety of masks, scrubs, creams lotions and cleansers, which hope to borrow from its gentle cleansing and healing properties. Using honey naturally, however, is more desirable.

In combination with natural antibiotics such as aloe Vera, natural honey can be applied straight to the skin for deep nourishment and scar less healing, something which can not be achieved with any cream to the same degree of efficiency. Great beauties that have used honey as part of their beauty routines include Cleopatra, the Egyptian legend who had as much fame for her leadership qualities as with her milk and honey baths. Honey attracts and retains moisture, softening the skin without stressing it.


Most fruits, as we already know by heart, contain the C vitamin as well as other antioxidants which help the skin to stave off ageing. Of all the tropical fruits, oranges and lemon are king, particularly oranges, because they are mild in action and would not bruise sensitive skin. Fruits such as orange contain alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, which are natural bleaching agents that have been used in creams in heavy concentrations by cosmetic surgeons for a long time.

The difference between the natural ones and the artificial ones is that natural is basically milder on your skin, leaving skin without the effects of heavy skin bleaching. In addition, there are no side effects. The orange fruit, for instance, nourishes with every vitamin and mineral, but the bleaching effect will help exfoliate, lifting off dead cells and smoothing out mild wrinkles and lines. Other fruits that benefit the skin include grapefruits, cucumbers, strawberries and countless others.


Eggs can turn your skin sunny side up, when they are not frying on your stove that is. Which ever way you look at it_ whether it’s the white or the yolk_ eggs are good for your skin when applied raw and from outside. One of the richest sources of protein, eggs have been used in masks for centuries, and the goodness of them is still intact, so long as the egg is an egg. One of the best natural firming agents known to nature, egg white applied to any part of the skin and allowed to dry will make the best firming mask you will ever know.
Natural Beauty; Article by Morenike Taire, Mozambique


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