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How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Health & Spiritual Growth: Essential Insights for Detoxification, Rejuvenation & Purification

Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Discover the remarkable powers of herbs, spices & essential oils 

Did you know that plants hold the key to your health, vitality AND spiritual growth?  

Personally, I was surprised to discover that certain plants can do all of these things for us, and more!

Sharing the medical and spiritual therapeutic powers of plants is the passion of Floracopeia founder David Crow, who weaves insights from Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbalism and other disciplines. He’s a brilliant teacher who helps us relate to the powers of plants in totally new ways.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a complimentary virtual workshop with David on Saturday, July 15, called How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Health & Spiritual Growth: Essential Insights for Detoxification, Rejuvenation & Purification.

During this powerful workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How to safely remove obstacles that block you from realizing your full potential — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Rejuvenation and detoxification therapies that reboot your health and increase your spiritual awareness
  • Ways herbal protocols and meditation practices can develop a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, ecological spirituality
  • Differences between the molecular intelligence of medicinal plants and pharmaceutical drugs
  • The four levels of using herbs in Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine — from medical to spiritual

For more than 30 years, David Crow has pioneered a path for harnessing the power of plants to navigate the many challenges of life.

He unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices into a coherent understanding that will show you how to relate more deeply with the botanical world to detoxify, rejuvenate and purify your body, mind and spirit… while cultivating a more sustainable relationship with life itself.

And as I mentioned, this virtual event is free! A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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Free Online Event

The Plant Medicine Summit
March 20-24, 2017

What if the power to heal was all around you in the natural world?

Since the dawn of humanity, people from across the globe have used what was in “nature’s pharmacy” to heal themselves — botanical treatments, healing tinctures and medicinal remedies from the herbs, flowers and flora that surrounded them.

While the advances of modern medicine are miraculous, as we’ve pursued the newest frontiers of science, we’ve too often lost touch with our biological and spiritual connection to nature… and the healing power that comes through our plant allies.

This is why I’m passionate about inviting you to join me for The Plant Medicine Summit, where you’ll discover how plants can purify, rejuvenate and evolve us, as well as sharpen our minds, extend our lives and deepen our connection with this blessed planet.

This special gathering will feature 25+ leading ecological experts, health practitioners and inspiring educators — including people like David Crow, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Jill Stansbury, David Winston, Sara Crow, Lakisha Jenkins, Matthew Wood, KP Khalsa, Acharya Shunya and others.

They’re sharing with you practices and insights for working with medicinal herbs, flowers, mushrooms, aromatic ceremonial plants and essential oils to revitalize your health, your community and our planet.

I hope you’ll participate in this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network.

The Plant Medicine Summit will benefit anyone who is intrigued by the healing and evolutionary benefits of botanical medicine as well as professionals across multiple disciplines who work with herbs, plants, oils, energetics or the environment.

Whether you’re experimenting with herbal gardening, supplementing your diet, seeking to treat a disease, or looking for tips on working with clients, you’ll find eye-opening sessions that will inspire, educate and empower you.

Join a vibrant global community and an amazing panel of presenters to discover the curative and evolutionary powers of medicinal plants — many of which you can grow in your own garden or pick up in your neighborhood!

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Free Online Event

Transforming Aging Summit 2017

March 7 - 9

Are you passionate about THRIVING in your later years — making them your greater years?

Are you committed to aging consciously and positively and creating a legacy for generations to come?

In some cultures, elders are honored as sages, whose counsel is sought for the wider vision they possess of the world…

In our mainstream culture there’s an underlying message that after you reach a certain age you don’t have a meaningful role. And that your later years are a time when you’re meant to take a step back, become less engaged (in politics, social activities, clubs) and fill your days with idle hobbies… while letting younger folks step in to make their contributions to our world.

The good news is, there’s a more multidimensional vision of aging available to you, AND powerful guidance…

That’s why I’m SO excited to share The Transforming Aging Summit — where you’ll discover vast possibilities for true fulfilment and for making your unique contributions to our world (with the wisdom of the years on your side!).

Join Ron Pevny, Founder & Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, for this life-changing series featuring Joan Borysenko, Chief Phil Lane Jr., Bill Thomas, Barbara Coombs Lee, Luisah Teish, Katia Petersen, Kathleen Dowling Singh, Ashton Applewhite and many others.

They’re not only some of the top experts in the field of conscious aging, they’re also role models and mentors you can look to for inspiration and guidance in living a more meaningful, joyful and purpose-filled life in “early elderhood” or elderhood. 

RSVP here for The Transforming Aging Summit — at no charge.

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